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Music 1992-2000 & Live Performances

In various live experimental/industrial bands from 1992. I was  a singer at one point, while I was studying film & playing gigs all over London. One very noisy gig, as member of 3 piece group  'lo-tec' - at Sean McCluskey's Love Ranch night (Maximus, Leicester Square, London 1993) - ended after about 7 minutes, shut off by Lisa Loud.

I continued to make electronic music where I could buy cheap synth/recording gear before the technology became more affordable, and I was earning more money in my Feature film VFX work from 1996. In late 1996-mid 1997 I Filled up a TDK SA90 with tracks directly from output (see below). No plugins etc. involved, just midi outboard, no sampling. I was living in a flat on Holloway Rd London while working nights at Computer Film Company ('Event Horizon' in 97) recording in the daytime. In retrospect, a lot of the tunes sounded like sea shanty's since that was my state of mind at the time (where my previous "vessel" moniker originated)… This is the full tape Side A & B. Side A has two short cuts (near the end) for copyright reasons, but B is untouched.

Title: C90 Tape Compilation

Artist: Gavin Toomey

Year: 1996-1997

Duration: 1hr 25 mins

Label: None

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